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With a robust track record spanning over 15 years in both Residential and Commercial solar installations, SolarPark stands out as the premier solar solutions provider. Operating from our headquarters in California, we've successfully delivered hundreds of projects nationwide. As a comprehensive Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) partner, SolarPark offers end-to-end solutions, including meticulous Solar system design and installation, cutting-edge battery storage options, streamlined car charging infrastructure, and dependable solar warranty, repair, and maintenance services tailored to your facility's needs.

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How much can YOU save?

Savings calculations are for estimation purposes only and assume a consistent year over year home electricity usage and a 3.9% average yearly utility rate increase.

See what solar can do for you.

What size solar array do you need? How much of your monthly bill would you like to offset? Our expert team will listen to your needs, then design the system that provides the best combination of performance & cost-effectiveness.

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Our Expertise & Services

1. Solar – Design, Installation, Service

2. Energy Storage – Residential & Commercial Batteries and Software

3. Car Charging Infrastructure – Complete charging stations

4. Solar Maintenance – Warranty Repairs, Equipment updates, Cleaning

Achieving Solar Freedom in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Assessment and Consultation

2. Customized Solar Proposal

3. Purchasing/Financing and Installation Planning

4. Professional Installation and Setup

5. Activation and Enjoying Solar Benefits

Why Go Solar Now?

Immediately lower monthly bills. Never deal with Utility price increases again. Increase your homes value. Switch from dirty energy, to clean energy. Millions of home owners are turning their homes into cash generators, why don't you?

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